tomecraft sample clients
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Tomecraft Example clients

"client" is a raw command line option that lets you control everything sent to the server outside of polling. "client2" has a TUI interface that shows the current state at all times and will automatically update on server BroadcastUpdate events

How to build

Requires Go 1.16

Run "make all" to generate both binaries.

Otherwise, run "make [binary name]" to generate a specific one.

Both use the following commands:

Session Commands:

Session commands can be input at any time Session commands are prefixed with "0":

0 query: Tell the server you're looking for a game
0 join: Join the game the server created for you
0 leave: Leave the game and kill the client
0 ready: check to see if both plays have joined the match

State Commands:

State commands are prefixed with "1":

1 b: Tell the server you're ready. If both players have readied up, choose to go first and start the game
1 s: Start your turn if possible
1 e: End your turn if possible
1 g: Get a copy of the current game state

Action commands:

Action commands are prefixed with "2":

2 s: Scry your life points in cards
2 d <x>: Draw card at position x from your most recent scry
2 p <x> <y>: play card at postion x in your hand to postion y on your side of the board (from the left)
2 m <x> <y>: move card at position x on the board to position y on the board
2 a <x> <y>: attack position y with card at position x on the board